Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[Two Thousand Thirteen]


I know it's cliche, but time really does fly.

I find New Years as a time of reflection, looking back on the previous year at both accomplishments and things I could improve on, and looking ahead at the new year figuring out what my intentions are and how I can manifest them.

This year I have accomplished things like:

  • graduating college
  • getting a job
  • meeting some people I will never forget
  • finding my spiritual path and starting to make it my own
I can improve:
  • My health by:
    • getting more sleep
    • drinking more water
    • exercising more
    • eating more healthily
    • Losing WEIGHT
    • taking thyroid medicine
  • My finances by:
    • making a budget and sticking to it!!!!
    • paying off my credit card bill
  • My spirits by:
    • taking more "me" time
    • living in the moment more
    • spending more quality time with my daughter doing things
    • meditate
    • dance
    • spend more time with nature
This is just the beginning of the list. I could go on for a long time, but I think this is a good place to start.  

Because this list is so ginormous, I can't exactly take all of this on at once, so I am going to focus on a few things at a time. 

In order to improve my health, I must get more sleep, but at the same time must find time to exercise. My goal for this week is to start going to bed earlier each night and waking up a little earlier each day. This way, I'm getting quality rest, but also have some quiet time in the morning to exercise. 

Since I have a few extra minutes in the morning, I will exercise and lift my spirits by putting on my headphones and some upbeat music [can anyone say, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna,  Michael Jackson, or Britney Spears?]. 

I absolutely suck at diets and always fail at them, so I am just making it a goal for myself to eat more fruit and vegetables and drink more water. No pressure, no "off-limit" foods, no guilt, just eating better because I want to be healthy. 

Diets and New Year's resolutions are one in the same to me, really. I see them both as obligatory promises you make to yourself that you know you'll end up breaking because there's too much pressure, guilt, and stress. You either pass or you fail... and once you take that first bite of chocolate, you feel like you've already failed.

 Eliminate the pass or fail mentality, add motivation, desire and intent, you may get somewhere. Setting small goals is the way to go because you're always reaching for a goal... if you don't reach your goal today, you try again tomorrow. 

I look forward to this journey and hope by writing in this blog it will hold me accountable  to keep reaching for my goals. 

Happy New Year!!!!! 

....May it be one of  peace, joy,  love, and happiness. 


  1. Totally LOVE this!!! You can do it!! And looking forward to seeing your progress this year!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Thanks, woman! You surely did inspire me with your videos today, too! i think thiswhole blogging thing will be great for all of us to keep each other motivated... do I feel a new FB group coming on!?!?!? :D